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We are the brainchild of Scott Beaver, web and graphic designer. Scott graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a Masters in Marketing in 2011. Unfortunately for Scott, he left university in the middle of a recession.

So, he decided to found his own company, despite the naysayers and people who advised against it. (Mainly his mum, but you get the impression).

Why Digital Companies Need Traditional Marketing In 2017

It’s 2017. You are a new, young and forward looking company that exist completely online. Probably you don’t even have a shop front or anything with your company logo printed on it. Maybe, you don’t even have a business card.

You harness the power of social media and email marketing and you’d be right to. However, it is also the hard part of the year for a lot of businesses – both digital and ‘traditional’ bricks and mortar ones.

There still may not be a lot of cash flying about after Christmas and depending on the trade or business that you are in, work could be scarce.

Perhaps you do not have much of a budget or are even sceptical what printed promotional items could do for your business.

If so you need to consider this fact, studies have now shown that it is easier for the human brain to recall information they have been exposed to when it is on printed media, than when it is an online source.

In other words a printed advertisement or any other sort of physical, hard copy real world promotional business item, bearing your name is likely to be more memorable than an email with it in.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t still use digital media to market your online business – of course you should – but that you should open yourself up to using ‘traditional’ print media as well.

“But isn’t print media wasteful” you might be thinking.

Nowadays most printed promotional items, be they flyers, leaflets or old fashioned mail shots come on fully recycled paper.

Also, it is more likely to be recycled after it has been used, as the rates with which household waste paper is now recycled has increased greatly.

The other thing a lot of digital businesses do not always appreciate is the local aspect of traditional marketing.

When you create a mail shot, be it a postcard through the door to potential customers or some other type of media promotions, you are reaching out to the local area and more or less, letting people know that you are there.

Let’s think for a moment about that aspect of things. Say you are a digital company who don’t have a registered office, let alone a shop front. How do you go about convincing the public that you are reliable and trustworthy?

Because sometimes a digital footprint is not enough. People want something tangible that they can get hold of.

But as a struggling online business you may be put off by the cost of ‘traditional’ advertising via newspapers or billboards. Certainly the cost of television advertising will seem prohibitively expensive.

This is where the power of promotional business gifts comes in. Because having something like your logo on a branded pen or some promotional cups is still the leading way to promote your business or your brand in UK companies today.

While traditional print advertising may be costly, company promotional items really are not and can literally spread the word about town, for a fraction of the cost of a billboard.

And customers like them. The more savvy that your promotional giveaways are, the more likely they are to be re-gifted and carried about by customers.

All bearing your name to be remembered for a future use.

So your corporate gift bag really could be the gift that keeps on giving!

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