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We are the brainchild of Scott Beaver, web and graphic designer. Scott graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a Masters in Marketing in 2011. Unfortunately for Scott, he left university in the middle of a recession.

So, he decided to found his own company, despite the naysayers and people who advised against it. (Mainly his mum, but you get the impression).

The Value Of Design For Your Business

Whoever you are or whatever you do, the importance of design in your business will be paramount.

But especially if you are providing a service, which is delivered electronically, you may sometimes struggle with this area of your business branding.

Perhaps you don’t send out very many actual letters to your customers and do email marketing instead. But the thing is, people still like things that they can touch.

Although an email can be printed out, most of the time it won’t be. So how do you get your clients and more importantly, your prospective clients, to literally cut out and keep your company’s name, in their heads?

One way you could achieve this is through the use of merchandising products.

Particularly if your business relies on word of mouth for recommendations, something with your business name printed on it can be good advert and something that is passed around from person to person like custom branded pens.

It might sound old fashioned, but something as humble as a branded pen can make all the difference to a business in the UK today, even in 2017.

This is because it is branding and branding is what gets into our customers’ memories and will remind them that you exist.

When your client wants to recommend you to their friend, why make them hunt around to find your phone number, when you could have it on a business card, a branded pen or another type of cheap promotional merchandise.

This is the beauty of branding, it does not have to cost a lot, but the impact it can make on your customer is profound.

Logos and designs can be applied to packaging and stationery quite easily, so that your brand is visible every time you mail something out to a client.

But as well as being placed on printed promotional items such as flyers, envelopes and letterheads, it can also be used separately in branded giveaways.

The scope for branding has grown hugely over the last few years and now media promotions such as printable work wear are low enough in price, for even small businesses to be able to afford.

Take for example the use of branded bags by UK businesses, as a way of getting their business brand out there. These are literally moving billboards, displaying a company’s name. And the beauty is that your customers do the job of advertising it for you!

Now that charging for plastic carrier bags has come into force, people are far more likely to take their own re-usable shopping bags with them. So why not get one with your logo already on it and use it as a promotional company item?

With more styles, shapes and sizes than ever to choose from, you can get a printed shopping bag, which can fold down conveniently to a pocket size, with your name on it and it will be used time and again by grateful clients.

Bags are far from the only merchandising product which can be printed on, but they are one of the most versatile. Other items include t-shirts and hats.

Business promotional products have moved on a lot since the days of them being cheap and a bit tacky. Nowadays they are well made, well designed and ultimately stylish items.

So why wouldn’t you want to put your name on them?

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